You’re Invited: Boots in the Park at SilverLakes Norco

What: Boots in the Park is a premiere country music festival featuring up and coming artists Where: Boots in the Park is located right here in the SilverLakes complex! When: Saturday, September 14, 2019 Boots in the Park On Saturday, September 14th, we’re having a party here in SilverLakes and you’re invited! This rendition of

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Norco Pick of the Week: DAB Escape Room

This week’s pick is something a little different: Norco’s very own escape room! Escape rooms are typically after-dinner fare, though, so first: let’s eat. Dinner Before the Game Escape rooms require you to be at your best: mentally, physically, and psychologically. That means that before you get your escape room on, you’ll need to fuel

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